Use the calendar to control your shows and staff Inbound text messages direct to your studio Discount available for not-for-profit radio stations

The perfect solution to manage any radio station

The radio operations system is designed to help manage any radio station - whether it is hospital radio, community radio, student radio or even commercial radio. It has a lot to offer, that all works together to offer you a powerful tool that could change the way you operate your station. And with flexible user access levels you have complete control over who can access the various different sections.

Text Messages

Two way text messaging allows your listeners to contact your studio for for you to contact your listeners and staff. Messages can be separated into different categories determined by the first word used.

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Integrate your existing studio email inbox into the system to allow members to view your inbox. With user access control you can specify who has access and limit this to only during live shows.

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Allow your listeners to submit requests direct from a form on your public facing website. If they enter their contact details the presenter can update the listener as to when the track will be played.

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Allow your members to discuss topics. Each forum area has separate user access levels to allow complete control, so you can have a management section only available to senior staff if required.

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Allow staff to send messages direct from the system, which allows members to keep their contact details private. Members can choose to receive email alerts to alert them to when a message is received.

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Social Media

Integrate your station into social media with show updates and news fed into your Facebook or Twitter channels. Members can schedule messages as well as the automatic feeds from the schedule.

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Manage your shows with the option to have daily reminders sent to staff of upcoming shows. It can be used as a feed for a schedule on your public facing website and to promote shows onto your social media channels.

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Training Records

Keep a record of your training activities for each member and manage your courses. Records can be matched up against role profiles to highlight what training is required to help plan training courses.

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News Feed

Provide your own news feed on your public facing website. Stories can be added and scheduled for fut ure publication as well as being promoted through to your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

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Latest Radio Operations System News

02/07/2018: Looking for an easy way to log faults and keep everyone updated? The Radio Operations System makes it a doddle for everyone to log faults and for updates to be provided to track the fault until resolution.

Every user has the ability to log faults, from the minor problems (we include running out of coffee as minor despite it's impact) to major issues affecting the stations ability to broadcast.

Once a fault has been logged these can be assigned to a user who can provide updates on the progress until the issue is resolved and the fault closed down. Notes can be added that can either be visible to all or just those involved.

09/05/2018: We know that system reliability is crucial if you're running a radio station. Our text messages have over a 99% reliability; in fact over the last six months they've only been offline for 3 hours for pre-planned maintenance. Our secure UK servers have an excellent reliability (currently at 100%) and independently monitored by - we can't remember the last time the servers went offline!

24/04/2018: The Radio Operations System has been updated to ensure that your radio station is ready for the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) which come into force on 25th May 2018. You can easily keep track of the listeners who have consented for you to store and use their personal data (store there name against their number) and you can keep track of whether your staff have actively given their consent for you to store and process their personal data.