ZaraToRos Plugin for Zara Radio

Our software ZaraToRos takes the now playing data from Zara Radio and uploads to our database so your website and social media feeds can be updated.


Once setup, there's no need to do anything with the software; it'll sit in the background and update the now playing information from Zara Radio to our database.

The window itself will display the current track being displayed as well as the studio status.

First Time Installation

We'll send you the files that you need to install ZaraToRos. Once you've installed the three files:

  • Before you start the application, you need to set the Zara Radio “CurrentSong” output to the C:\Windows directory.
  • This option can be found in Tools > Options > General.
  • If it isn't already, click browse and change the directory to C:\Windows.
  • Then click OK and play a track so that Zara Radio saves the current song info for you to test. You can then load ZaraToRos for the first time.

Change the studio location

Once it is loaded you need to specify the station ID and studio location, which we will provide to you.

  • Push the 'c' key to enter the station ID in the message box that appears.
  • Push the 's' key and enter the studio location number in the text box that appears. Once you click OK it'll display a confirmation box.

You can check the studio location at anytime by pushing the 'r' key and it will be displayed in a confirmation box.

Package builder

You can be in complete control of your budget, choose which options you want to build the perfect package to manage your radio station.

Basic subscription @ £25 per month with the following addons available;

Emails/Texts/Requests @ £5 per month

Forum @ £5 per month

Competitions @ £5 per month

News @ £5 per month

Gig Guide @ £5 per month

All inclusive @ £50 per month

Discounts are available for hospital and community radio stations that do not take commercial advertising.