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The Media Operations System blog contains tips and advice on the various tools within the system as well as wider advice about radio stations.

Ofcom issues clarification to community radio station

Posted: 22nd July 2019

Ofcom has today issued a clarification to community radio stations over the definition of "original output" that forms part of stations key commitments. It is reminding stations that playlisted music including only indents and outsourced news bulletins does not count towards the daily output.

"Original output is content which is first produced for, and transmitted by, the station and excludes output that was transmitted elsewhere before. Original output can be live, pre-recorded or voice-tracked. Repeat broadcasts of original output and continuous music with no speech content other than advertisements, station idents and/or outsourced news bulletins (i.e. news bulletins produced by a third party) does not meet Ofcom's definition of original output."

Using the Media Operations System you can keep track of the number of hours you station has output and forecast to output to help ensure that you remain within the guidelines to avoid any potential fines or loss of a broadcast licence.

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