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Effective internal communication channels to help you keep in contact All your inbound text messages, emails and requests direct to your studio in one list Manage and produce your own gig guide for your local community

Internal Communications

Keep your radio volunteers and staff connected with our internal comms tools including an internal messaging system and a forum to discuss ideas as well as providing news and updates.

Internal messages

A very simple messaging service that allows users to send messages to each other. Just type the message, select the recipients and click send. It's your own internal email service without the hassle of setting one up.

Users can choose to receive an email alert when they are sent messages to their own personal account if they want to make sure they never miss a message.

Staff forum

A perfect place for discussions to take place. You can have different groups setup, with individual access permissions.

Staff directory

It's your own staff directory that requires no setup (it uses the details supplied for each member of staff) and very little maintenance as users can update their own contact details.

Staff can specifiy whether they want their personal numbers to be displayed to other members or kept private.

Drinks preferences

It is often said that tea & coffee are the most important thing in any office/studio. So to keep your office a happy place staff can enter their preferences so that others don't have to keep asking how many sugars.