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Station Admin

Keeping on top of your admin is a vital (even if it is boring) task! The Media Operations System can help you streamline your processes, from keeping tabs on your risk register to logging all payments and income to help produce your accounts.

Action Log

With the to do list you can easily keep on top of the actions assigned to each other and check for updates - very useful for any committee meeting or wider meetings.

Risk Register

Keep a formal register of all the risks and mitigation measures in place. While you can't control everything, you can record and evidence the steps you have taken to reduce risks and acknowledge the likelihood and severity of each risk.


Log all your income and expenditure within the system to keep record keeping straightforward with the various reports and searches that you can run. You can even raise invoices if needed to help chase any outstanding payments. Learn more

Fault Log

In the ideal world nothing would break, ever. However, in reality we all know that things can go wrong and our fault log system allows you to note the faults and raise it with the relelvant person to ensure they can get fixed as quickly as possible.

Committee Meetings

Running a radio station isn't easy. Thankfully keeping on top of committee meetings is easy with the Media Operations System. Learn more