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Effective internal communication channels to help you keep in contact All your inbound text messages, emails and requests direct to your studio in one list Manage and produce your own gig guide for your local community

Website Feeds

Add dynamic content to your website with the Media Operations System, including a schedule, news, gig guide and competitions. The content is all updated in real-time, with you in control over which members have access to the various functions meaning that presenters can add competitions for their shows or gigs that their listeners let them know about.


Turn your website into a source for local news easily be using the news feature. Stories can be added and scheduled in advance, complete with specific text to be displayed on Twitter. There is also the option to disable posts to Twitter and Facebook should you not want the news story being added to your feeds.

Gig guide

Add a gig guide to let your listeners know what live music events are happening in your local area. With an added form you can even let your listeners and landlords add the information themselves to make it quicker and easier for you to maintain.

Latest Info / Press Releases

Using the news section, you can generate a separate feed to run on your home page (or any other page on your website) with news stories specific to your station. This has been used by stations to promote events, fundraising and recruitment campaigns so that they are featured prominently on the home page.


Add an entry for listeners to submit their answers to competitions that you're running and save the time required by staff to have to log details from phone calls and texts. Competitions can be setup in advance and will only appear on the website while the competition is live.

The feed can also display a list of previous competitions and winners, allowing another way for your listeners to enter your competitions and helping you to run your competitions more transparently. This is particularly important if you are required to keep a list of winners of cash-based prizes.

Now Playing / Track listings

You can have your now playing information displayed on your website, and social media feeds, as a live feed from your studio. If you're using Zara Radio you can install our ZaraToRos application to do this automatically, in real-time for you.

Or, using the data entered into the show reports you can provide a tracklisting element on your website that displays a list of music played during shows. And with a link to Amazon it can even earn you money.

Adverts / Community Information

You can also promote your advertisers and community information on your website, helping to maximise the exposure with reporting available to help future advertisers understand the benefits of advertising.