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Free calendar planning tool for hospital and community radio statios Effective internal communication channels to help you keep in contact All your inbound text messages, emails and requests direct to your studio in one list Manage and produce your own gig guide for your local community

Packages and Prices

An open and honest pricing structure that gives you the flexibility to have the system that will boost your station with the tools it needs. You can choose what services you would like and only pay for what you want.

Basic package and additions

The basic package provides you with the tools to manage your staff for £50 per month:

Additions / Full Package

Add the extra services that you want to customise the service or select the full package for £100 per month.

Annual Subscriptions

You can save money by signing up to our annual subscription plans, twelve months for the price of ten. For the basic package it is only £500 per year and for the full package £1,000 per year.


If your radio station doesn't take advertising then you can get the full package for the discounted rate of £50 per month or £500 per year if paid annually (saving you even more money).