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Helping hospital and community radio stations during Corona

27th April 2020

The Media Operations System is helping hospital and community radio stations plan their shows.

The calendar planning tool is being made available for free for hospital and community radio stations, crucial for any station that has commitments to produce a minimum number of hours each day to Ofcom. The calendar allows presenters to sign up to shows (and add their show prep) so that any gaps in the schedule can be easily seen and shows covered to help you comply with Ofcom key commitments and avoiding a potential investigation.

And to help keep volunteers in contact with each other, the offer extends to the free use of the internal communication channels including a forum and messaging services.

To sign up, visit the website at

Package builder

You can be in complete control of your budget, choose which options you want to build the perfect package to manage your radio station.

Basic subscription @ £25 per month with the following addons available;

Emails/Texts/Requests @ £5 per month

Forum @ £5 per month

Competitions @ £5 per month

News @ £5 per month

Gig Guide @ £5 per month

All inclusive @ £50 per month

Discounts are available for hospital and community radio stations that do not take commercial advertising.