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Effective internal communication channels to help you keep in contact All your inbound text messages, emails and requests direct to your studio in one list Manage and produce your own gig guide for your local community

Social Media Integration

Social media can really help grow your audience and allow you to interact with them. Integrate your social media channels with the Media Operations System to ensure your radio station has the presence where it's needed on Facebook and Twitter.

Automatic Feeds

Make life easier for everyone by having messages posted to promote shows on air automatically using the data from the calendar, a great way to let your followers who's on air.

For the Twitter feeds you can setup keyword replacements so that names can be changed to the Twitter account or keywords changed to hashtags.

Schedule Posts

Allow your presenters to schedule messages so that they can concentrate on the show while on air. This can be used for a variety of reasons, for example to promote a feature.


If you are using the news section then let your followers keep up to date with the latest news and information.

Gig Guide

If you're using the gig guide function, you can have a list of the gigs for that day / evening posted each day.