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Ofcom looking to award small-scale FM licences as part of a trial

Posted: 21st March 2021

Ofcom is looking to award around 10 small-scale FM licences as part of a trial of lower power and short range licences

Ofcom looking to award small-scale FM licences as part of a trial

Are you looking to broadcast your radio station on FM over a short range? Ofcom is looking for around 10 radio stations to take part in a trial over a 12 month period, which would be perfect for hospital radio and community radio stations.

The trial will test whether the use of limited coverage FM spectrum – at low power and over a short range of up to around 1 km radius – is a viable way of making more spectrum available for the licensing of restricted radio services in the future. We expect it to be particularly suitable for providing radio services to defined establishments such as hospitals or army barracks.

More details and the application form can be found on the Ofcom website:

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